Special Events

Visit about any festival in the area and you will find the smiling happy faces of CVA art instructors and staff working hard at an art activity table (our favorite, hatmaking!) These art activity tables and CVA info booths are not only an opportunity for us to Spread the CVA ARTword, but also a chance for us to reach an even larger audience in the community and provide a hands-on art experience at no cost to the event visitors. Even a "taste" of art can inspire!

Call us at 336.333.7475 to see us at your next special event.

The CVA also hosts our own events each year that are open to the public and free. At these events, we invite you to come and enjoy yourself while learning more about the CVA. Many of these events also provide support opportunities for you to give back to our organization to aid in the growth of our impact within the community.

Annual Events We Host:

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